This page contains some miscellaneous tutorials and diagrams that I find useful.


  1. Java IO
    Diagrams the relationship between IO, NIO, Strings, Buffers and encodings
  2. Java type conversion
    On overview of some basic parseXXX, valueOf and toString methods in Java
  3. Java Memory Model
    On overview of how memory visibility and accesss works in Java


  1. Javascript Object Layout
    Ever wonder what prototypes, objects, functions are and how they are related to each other ? Wonder no more!
  2. Javascript Object Layout (v2)
    Prototypes and objects (alternate viewpoint)
  3. Javascript type wrangling
    A primer on runtime type conversions in JS.
  4. Javascript scope and prototype chains
    Scope and prototype chains are different things. The scope chain finds a variable and the prototype chain finds a property inside a variable (of type object).
  5. Javascript closures
    What is this "closure" thing anyway ?
  6. Javascript this pointer
    A comparison between the this pointer in Javascript and Java.
  7. Random Javascript code snippets
    Misc. code snippets in no particular order


  1. Random HTML and CSS snippets and experiments

Web application design patterns, SQL

  1. Daemons/background processes
  2. SQL query execution order


  1. Random thoughts (or want to hire me?)
  2. The 4-point Molly hiring test
  3. Git Sandwich

Flash & Actionscript (archive)

  1. An introduction to Actionscript code execution order


Just (re)discovered Prolog. For the class of problems it solves, it is unbeatable..I'm totally gobsmacked! Some links:
  1. swi-prolog
  2. browser playpen
  3. Great video intro
  4. regex pack (Michael Hendricks is the man)
  5. Fun example (London tube map)
The only thing that sucks (majorly) so far is the lack of a JDBC driver and an easy way to talk to my postgres database.